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Most of the trick with this here Mouse Game stuff is selling the scale.  Everything is tiny, but we’re looking at it through equally tiny eyes.  When we started all this I did some… math… and decided 2m in game space was equivalent to 4″ in good ol’ RL.

I even got so carried away I made a little cardboard Mouse and took photos of him around my apartment, approximating the game camera position.  It’s important to get your head wrapped around what reads as tiny and what is not gigantic.  The Coon Wizard here is very large for our game, but even the threads on the various bits of his head-wear have to seem appropriately large in order to sell the scale. 

This whole issue will be a gigantic texturing headache at some point.  Gogogadget decal maps!

I am not a rigger.

allen white rat guard rigging

But rig I must.

Seriously, if you want to get a job as an animator learn to rig.  It seems to be an under-appreciated skill, which is odd as its totally essential to the process.  I can’t really wrap my brain around animators primarily working with the animation dummy models that are pretty much just skeletons.  It seems like such a cop out, artistically.

I couldn’t get behind such a narrow education.  Art and design are about solving problems, if you only have one approach you’ll be a poor problem solver.  Color me skeptical.

I’ve said this to a lot of applicants but I’ll repeat it…  If you want a job the more skills you are good at in addition to the job you’re applying to the easier you are to hire.  This should be agiven for Concept Artists because people that can “draw” are a dime a dozen, and competing for one of the sexiest jobs there is.  You really have to earn this kind of gig and the more bang you give me for my buck the easier the sell. 

As always it boils down to overwhelming your customer with your value.

I picked up the new D&D Essentials Dungeon Master Kit.

I’m sort of underwhelmed.  It feels like 85% fluff and 15% charts and tables.  You can’t just go buy the old 4th ed. DMG and expect to get any mileage.  Despite Wizards stance this is not a new edition, almost all of the rules have been errata’d.  The races changed, the classes changed.  If that isn’t a new edition I don’t know what is.

Truly I’m in the “I don’t care if its a new edition” crowd.  I was terrified by the AD&D to 3rd jump, but 4th was fantastic and although I feel like its darn near perfect I trust the D&D crew to keep turning out solid products.  I’m sure its a marketing/PR decision in the end and the design team is just playing the cards they’re dealt.

Let’s get off that tangent.

The book is great if you’ve NEVER DM’d.  But for me its a drag.  You really only need the encounter balance charts and the treasure calculation chart.  The selection of magic items is VERY short (15 pages).  The Rules Compendium is a better buy.  You get no monsters except what comes packed in the 2 short adventures.  With the Monster Vault not coming out for another month this is a bummer.  You can find a million unboxing videos on the interwebs if you’re super curious and want the whole run-down.


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