I had this radical dream the other night, let me summarize;

Anthony Hopkins was a vampire.  And I was hunting him.  But you know how it is with vampires, they’re also hunting you, so there was much tension and subtext to be had as only I seemed to know he was a vampire and only he knew I was hunting him.  Which I’m sure the studio audience appreciated.  I did manage to trip him into a pit but he turned into a gas/bat cloud and whisked away.

When I awoke it dawned on me that it is highly likely that Anthony Hopkins is a vampire and I was actually battling him in his shadow dream realm.

I’ve been sick if you can’t tell from the above which is really cutting into my painting energy.  Bummer.

allen white sweet robot

Lookout for this sweet robot!  I’m going to throw some rotations alongside him in the next couple days.

Also have a WIP for all the cats haranguing me for a video that I can never remember/find-the-time to do.

allen white racoon shaman

I dig magic.  Totally fascinated by all its portrayals.  I think its fair to say I like it dark, but that’s simply a byproduct of wanting it visceral.  These aren’t soothing spirits.  Magic is in the basement of every human beings dreams and fears.  The sacrifices and auguries are our last desperate struggle for reconciliation.  Magic isn’t pretty. 

I was engaged in a pretty interesting discussion regarding magic in entertainment (particularly games) particularly whether or not I felt it was anti-biblical.  The issue caught me a little off guard at first, but this is a pretty widespread sentiment…  Think back to all the ruckus the ‘Harry Potter’s’ raised, and lets not forget the original “Satan’s Game” D&D.

The question I always ask is; “Are the Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of the Rings evil?” The answer I get is usually “Of course not, they’re allegorical works about Christianity”. The next question has to be “Don’t they have angels, and demons, and magic? Why are they exempt and D&D not?” I’ve never gotten a satisfactory answer. I don’t think there is one. Seriously, the Bible is full of demons, murder, rape, treachery, genocide, etc. If we aren’t supposed to come into contact with these things ever why would the Bible include them?

If you draw the line at magic how can you not include violence?  Can you read Shakespeare? Or for that matter watch Sesame Street?  Isn’t a talking animal an abomination?  Do cartoons distort reality and are therefore a perversion of creation?  This is a train of thought I really can’t see stopping once you take the logic brake off.

Contrary to what some might tell you Christianity is not a cult of suffering.  The Bible isn’t against games.  The point of games is to have fun.

To this end I consider Monopoly a far more evil game than D&D.  Have you ever known a more allegedly friendly beloved title that so quickly and consistently deteriorates ‘family-game-night’ into fighting and screaming?  (btw, Monopoly has feedback loop issues)

For believers this is totally an issue of phase.  If God only sees the “negative” intent of “secular” products and not the intent of you, the consumer, he is clearly not God and you tread dangerously close to creating him in your image. 

Before you ask…. my dreams often have movie stars.


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