A post a month is hardly going to fill this blog.  But I suppose its better than nothing. 

It’s only a matter of time before all you nutty art students desperate for jobs find me here so I will start talking to you now beause you will appear and ask me what it takes to get a job. 

I know you will. 

It happened today. 

Made me feel old, but also full of terrible dark mysteries, as if I could see beyond.  Which is fun, so thanks. 

I’m assuming if you’re reading this you have a jist of my role at KizToys.  Not that I’m a big deal, but let’s be frank this isn’t exactly ArtOrder.  You surely sought this thing out or click EVERYTHING that your “friends” like on Facebook.  But just in case I am the Lead Concept Artist.  And lately have the wonderful responsibility of responding to the Concept Artist Applicants most of which are from the recent SCAD Job Fair.

I’ve been asked for feedback and advice a couple times now, so over the next couple days I’ll be posting some suggestions, tips, guidelines, ramblings, etc. about getting an art job.

Step 1: Passion

I don’t want you to run away from the cliche, it’s important.  This starts way before interview time.  If you’re serious, deadly serious, this had better start before Art College too or you are screwed.

I don’t mean screwed.  But you’ve really gotta bust it at that point if you want to catch up.  I easily see well over several hundred artist portfolios for art jobs all over the studio every time we go to just SCAD’s job fair.  That’s several hundred from just one school for maybe 3-6 positions. 

You have to really want it.  You have to want that job more than those other several hundred people, several thousand, the universe, you get the point.  Concept Artist in particular is the holy grail of art jobs, so stay after it.  Figure out whatever gets you pumped because you have to be able to come to work every day and churn out sketch after sketch after painting and the sooner you figure out how to shake off a slump the better off you’ll be.

In my experience the world is full of people who like the idea of things.  For example; a lot of game design students “want” to work as 3d artists, but really they just like the idea of being a 3d artist and truely want to play World of Warcraft. 

What do you want?

Don’t try to fool employers either, believe me, your portfolio says everything.

More tomorrow!

I’m not sure how I manage to talk myself into coming home and working more, when I know my arm can’t hold up for the whole week doing that.  But I still do it.

Knocked this out over the weekend.  The Lead Designer and I are huge Team Fortress 2 buffs and we were talking about putting this thing in for the community content contest.  Unfortunately I think we’re distracted by other projects already so this probably won’t make it off the page.
Second, I finally put an arm on this rotation so its hot to trot as they say.
Finally, I started this for a contest over on another blog, but I can never get things like this done in time so I’m chipping away at it along with my current freelance gig.

More as it develops!

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