Blogs don’t write themselves. Months of observation have backed up my suspicion. I hoped, against reason, that mine might break the mold.

Let me briefly introduce myself: I get paid to make stuff up. It’s sweet. More on that in later posts.
I’m starting a new ‘folio project for myself to keep things fresh. Since I don’t have a good example of my modeling and texturing prowess (lots of texturing bits, no modeling) I’m going to tackle a character.
First up Concept and Rotations!
I cranked this bad boy out many months ago when my buddy and I were talking about potential side projects and always wanted to come back to him:

This is a really quick sketch, but we’re headed forward not back and I’m more than satisfied with this dude to move on and not worry about details at this stage. We can answer any questions we come across in the Rotations.
I’ve spent maybe a total 4 hours on the front view of this rotation all told. I’ll post a couple WIP pics as well to give you some idea of process.
You can check out a high-res here if you want to get far too personal with the little mongrel.
I’ll do my best to be more informative in the future, just hoping to get a healthy base of nonsense down while I warm up the genius.
Until next time…

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