I ordered an Intuos 4 XL.  I’m spoiled on the company model I get to use at work.  This medium thing is awful, its a glorified post it note.  Working on it feels like I’m trying to paint a mural on a wall of post it notes in a stiff breeze.

If only I was famous enough to sell this medium thing signed on ebay at a ridiculous markup…  I might try it anyway.

I’ve doodled a few potential characters over the last couple days to help get my brain wrapped around the options for the Mouse Game.

allen white mouse game

These things take no time at all, and they’re basically how I’d start a painting I intended to carry further to completion.

The internet is a weird place.  I think the web guru’s set out to make a hub for the sort of social networking nonsense that goes on in the world but soon everyone started knocking each other off.  Who can blame them?  There’s money to be made in competition. 

Now, it seems like you need a spirit guide to assemble all the elements needed to be discovered, or official, or hip, or internet…ed.

I nearly have the blog, the folio, the facebook, the twitter, and the linkedin all speaking to one another.  It does feel like I’m negotiating between members of a very estranged family that also can’t remember why they’re fighting.  Another evening’s science should get it all in place but I still can’t help feeling silly calibrating this much apparatus with which to repeat my insanity across the ether. 

But I can’t give up.  I must assemble the golem.  I need the internet points. 

More as it develops,


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