I’ve been meaning to collect some of my favorites here in a post. ┬áScope ‘em!


We knew we wanted to tell stories without telling stories. So we dove down the tangential rabbit-hole! Animation by @Ykarps. Incredible tune from @unicornblood4me. Official Skullgivers site here!


Who knew that billboard in the background of the first level we made would spark such a nightmare fueled vision of corporate conspiracy? @Ykarps did. I think my pitch was, “The badger sauce comes in honey flavor now, we should make an ad.”


Wrote, concepted, ‘boarded, and animatic’d our Steam Early Access Trailer. Compositing, editing, and half the animation via Oscar Cortes The other half courtesy of the incredible Nick Garza.


Co-written with @Ykarps. I handled the ‘boards and painted a bunch of backgrounds for this look into what else gets played on the SMC 24/7 channel.


Delightful editing and gorgeous VO by @Deleeted

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