I want to talk about this at length when SMC and me drawing live on stage at PAX isn’t crushing me.  But it boils down like this:

Long version; I think this game needs to be more accessible so it should be cuter than what we first imagined.

Short version; mo’ money dis way?

Let me just post some old pics and brief notes…


The College Project:

Some friends were kicking this around as a tabletop RPG and asked for some doodles for their presentation to their class.  Pretty straight forward stuff, dark tribal was something we thought was pretty different and mutating into these different animals reflecting your skills was a neat premise.



























The DS Pitch:

Ben wanted to repackaged the concepts in the tabletop into a hack and slash DS title.  I had a mockup on a photo of a DS at one point with a character walking around some huts and the second screen had skill selection or stats or something but I can’t find it anymore.  We really liked the samurai jack look for everything and I thought the dot eyes were a nice angle on the faces.  I also started kicking around the icons and was pretty pleased with the set I had at the time, but looking back some of them were pretty ghetto, mostly the caster circle ones.  The raven here worked out well but the snake and goat were awful.
































The Flash Game:

Work was pissing a few of us off for a while and we talked at length about respinning this back up as a flash game more in line with the original tabletop project.  Division of labor was fuzzy and we were all basically trying to do more of what we’d done for 8hrs earlier in the day and nobody could make themselves turn the crank on that.  I wanted to go way dark, darker than Temple of Doom, but it was more of a backlash from doing kid stuff all day.  The team talked me down from super gorey to basically where the college project had been.  This time I doodled more of the human stage characters and did some UI I really liked as well as the rpg town and shopkeeper illustrations.  I looked a lot at sumi ink splatters and those foggy japanese ink landscapes.






















The Retro:

I started off thinking we’d go post-modern pixel art here.  Looked a lot at the Super Bros. stuff and eventually decided that wasn’t highly accessible.  It was interesting to me but the sumi ink blocks pixelated and then shaped into characters wasn’t FUN.  At the same time I was looking at Spry Fox’s Bunni game and Triple Town and compared the switch from Steambirds radar map plates and unit markers to Triple Town’s cute and funny bears to my reimagining between the college project to DS pitch switch.  The switch made sense to me but I didn’t think it went as far down that cute road as it should have…  The pixel art is just way refreshing compared to the 3d stuff I do all day so its much easier to be excited to do a few frames in the evening.  Some explorations of the pixel eyes down there at the end.

I am having TONS of fun drawing these guys and am really excited to get playable.



























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