Lightning Bug!

Lightning Bug Concept  Allen White

I didn’t feel like cleaning up the edges to throw a texture in the background.  Which leads to some explanation of some bad (maybe) habits of mine.

When I paint for myself  I usually only have about 3 layers until I get into glows and blurs and extra bits at the very end.  But the bulk of the work consists of these layers which I always label the same:

-OP (means Over Paint):  I do all the clean up and the bulk of the highlighting and all the details here.

-sketch (means sketch): I try to sketch as little as possible before I start painting.  If I spend too much time getting the lines right I’ll burn out.  Generally speaking I know almost completely what I want in my brain when I start so this doesn’t involve much work.  I always sketch with darker lines these days.

-UP (means Under Paint): This is where I do all the basecoating and quick shading, usually with a big splotchy brush.

-Background: Not really a layer of mine, but its always a middle tone.  Exactly what color I pick depends on the concept.  But this is where I make extra work for myself. 

When I’m working on the OP layer, I don’t really erase, its not helpful because I’ll just expose the sketch and UP layers.  So I’ll paint the background layer down.  Which is fine, it creates a really imperfect edge that sells the juiciness of the whole painting.  Which I dig.  Now I can merge the layers and color pick the background but believe me its never 100% accurate and I end up spending a lot of time doing cleanup. 

That said I REALLY like the presentation of the other Mouse concepts so I will probably address the bug here when I care a bit more.

I got asked on CDN (Christian Developers Network, where I’ve been having some pretty cool discussions) about putting together a video of me working, so I’ll try to get that figured out before I start on the next concept.


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