Picked up Civ as I knew I would.  Made it through my first game on the default settings.  It was maybe too easy.  I out teched and economied the computer very quickly once I trounced Hiawatha.  I still don’t have a handle on a few of the tertiary abstract resources (happiness?! this is war!).

A few thoughts:

>It doesn’t perform well on my slightly crappy video card.  Even compared to Dawn which didn’t run well on medium video settings, most of my Civ settings are low and it will really chug as it jumps across the map.  I think its time for an upgrade =/.

>The Tech Tree is kind of weird.  It’s more of an hourglass with a lot of options in the middles and a bottleneck at the end of the Renaissance Era, in which you have to have Banking to move on.  Fine, but the Prereqs are along a line of mounted cavalry tech I had no interest in.  My early cities were’nt close to any horses I could have stabled, and frankly I just don’t see horses being good bean counters.  This one had me scratching my head a bit. 

In the end George Washington and I layed the smack down on Julius Caesar.  It was righteous.

I’ve been getting to tinker with Unity a bit more at the office.  My previous experience is almost all art side so I just make stuff and hand it off to the priests to sacrifice or however that goes. 

There have been a few things Unity does different out of the box from Hero, which soaks up most of our time.  But unlike Hero, Unity can be easily stripped down and rebuilt (odds are someone in the community has already done what you’re looking for) to suit your needs.  Hero is more like jailbait.  Looks pretty good from a distance, but ends up having no idea what its doing and gets you in a lot of trouble.

Unity is mad science.  It is the apparatus upon which to create your monster and give it life.  It’s very flexible and the demos with Pro3.0 really show off how powerful it can be.  It’s on my list of software to pickup but unfortunately has the spot behind Bodypaint 4.5.  If we’re going to get this Mouse thing moving at some point I’ll be building a lot of assets long before I’m assembling anything in Unity.

Mouse Game Updates:

Ben has my latest crack at the animations in and they look a lot better than the first few attempts, which is encouraging.  They still have a ways to go and we’re refining bits and pieces about our strategy as we progress.  I’m hoping once we have a plan we can rope some help in on this front, but for now its easier to iterate between the two of us.

The setting is starting to congeal in my brain.  It’s more wrought than found as I’d originally anticipated when we first started talking about this project.  Then again at the time it was first a collectible miniatures game and then a class based shooter that was trying to be cute while also portraying horrifyingly violent rodent on rodent crimes.  I really just wanted them to swear like sailors in little squeaky voices.

When I doodled the first couple light source ideas I also wanted to sketch up a lightning bug, but didn’t get to it.  I imagine these guys would fly around as mobile light sources.  Naturally you could arrow them but wherever they fall they’d still give off some faint illumination.  Spent maybe an hour on this thing including a bunch of unrelated research time (moles will have to get tackled some day soon!).  There’s more to do including some loose rotations for whoever ends up modeling it.

Lightning Bug, Allen White

I hate my medium size Intuous4.  It bums me out.  I’ve got to upgrade, going to wear my hand out with this tiny thing.


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