I got married. 

It took a while.

I didn’t post.

I was busy.

I have horded art for a gargantuan post-a-thon though.

On the honeymoon I had a little time to flesh out the IP for a game I’ve been kicking around in my brain for a while.  For now I’m calling it ‘Hard Hats’ because the player is a construction worker of sorts.

Hard Hats Character #2 allen white

Hard Hats Character #2


He’s a vast improvement over the first efforts which were a lot more naturalistic…

Hard Hats Character #1 allen white

Hard Hats Character #1


I’ll model this guy today.  Or at least start, probably won’t get done as I’m not particularly fast. 

Also chipping away at this guy when I can:

allen white concept art

This is 50% res.  The painting is huge, I expect to spend a long long time working on it, but its totally worth it.  Really I have nothing in my folio that took longer than 24 man hours (I think the Witch is right around that).  Typically I’m too impatient to spend more time on something so we’ll see how this goes.

More as it develops…

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