I always put the abbreviated year under the cross stroke (not sure what else to call it) in my signature.

So, I’m always struggling to date my doodles right around this time (had the same problem in school too).

The mole Hero is coming together.

allen white mole hero color strip

Here are a handful of color explorations.  Please comment the number you prefer.  If enough of you band together you might sway me. 

I’ve gone back and forth on the helmet/mask idea in my brain.  It offers the hero a little anonymity which lets the player project themselves more easily.  Conversely it makes an already clearly anthropomorphised rodent even more alien. 

He shares the same round sihlouette as the other moles and his complete lack of ears should keep him from blending in with the rats too much.  I’ll be trying other costumes without the full helm soon.

I got an Airbrush Pen for my Wacom for Christmas.  It’s not a huge upgrade from the standard, but I do like having them both. 

The airbrush only features one button which you can bind in all the usual ways but also adds a Stylus Wheel.  The Wheel I’ve currently got rigged to flow which allows me even more control over application during the stroke. 

This is rad.

The more control you have the fewer strokes you need to make…

Ergo, you paint faster.

The stem is also bigger (being airbrush shaped), and much more ergonomic as a result.

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Bodypaint r12 will be here soon.

Then its going to get really good.


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