The elipses… never forget them.

So, Tyler and I have been talking about the Mole Game.  You mean the Mouse Game?  You ask.  No, I say, I mean the Mole Game.  Different game? 

Same game. 

New not-name.

Also a new Hero.  With a lot more interest and potential.  I think we’ve struck iron enough things are starting to get hot.

I started digging into what the Hero might look like and sort of let myself down with this:

allen white mole hero

He just wasn’t quite right.  Especially the face.  I’m all over the gear and stuff he’s got going on, but on the whole its just not up to snuff, and certainly not mole enough.

I went back to just a generic mole and took another crack with a fresh set of eyes a few days later:

allen white mole character

That’s pretty much on the money.  From this I can adapt the Hero’s build.

I’m back and forth on the idea of a helmet, but Ben keeps begging me for more RPG content so I’m thinking shops and different sets of gear will come into play somewhere along the line.

The moles really excite me.  Tyler’s kicking around some really rad stuff that has me jazzed to push the look into new territory.

More as it develops!


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