Birds.  I’m drawing some.

allen white bird meeting doodles

First up we have what happens when I’m on a long conference call with nothing to say.  Ballpoint, in my moleskin.  I dig the moleskins for their size and paper quality.  I destroy them, I go through 4-5 a year just at the office.

I like the idea of scarification/carving of the beaks in a bird society.  I’d imagine dyes and paints would also be popular, a lot of clothing just wouldn’t make sense if they were still flight focused.

Yes that is a man who’s eyes have exploded out of his head…  I guess you’re not wondering how I felt about the whole affair.

Also… I tried to record a bit of doodling video last night, realized I didn’t have Camtasia installed.  I did pick up the new trial but had this done in the five minutes it took to download, which is pretty much all the line work I’d do and figured the opportunity had passed and I’d have to try again on the next pic.

allen white sparrow

I’m debating how to give them “hands.”  Will probably sketch some studies.

As an artist two things are important to continuing to be an artist. 

1.  Do not stop art-ing.

2.  Art harder.

Harder will mean different things for different art.  For me it usually boils down to “faster.”  Sometimes bigger and faster because that usually lumps into the “Give it more zazz!” mentality.  It is important to be able to self-motivate through gauntlets like these, whether they be of your own creation or just homework.  The sooner you know how to flip your own switch the easier pretty much all of life will be.

Anyway, I volunteered for a small art suicide mission.  There simply isn’t time for this project so of course I made it as elaborate as possible.

For some of you these seem echoes of some distant almost forgotten nightmare:

allen white mystery

As part of this operation I bought a new hot knife… Well, actually I bought two. 

I picked up that piddly wire “Wonder Cutter” doo-hicky from Michaels (everyone’s favorite arts and crafts shop).  I did so hoping it would be cheap and passable enough to get the science done.  Wonder Cutter is a misnomer, it’s pretty much a wonder it will cut anything.  You can pretty much barehand the “hot” wire and only experience discomfort, not regret.



I bought this little rock star:

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The manual says it’ll do 840 degrees F.  Which is pretty much so hot the foam parents tell horror stories to their foam children to keep them in line.  It’s also so rad I want to open everything with it, *eyes sweet-tart wrapper*

Is this dangerous?  Yes.

Is this awesome?  Yes.

Does it demand louder music? Yes.

And it cuts the HELL out of the foam.

To be completely honest a hot knife is not the end-all-be-all of foamy destruction.  A rasp file with a good handle is still my primary carving option.  I only recommend a hot knife for specific applications and an experienced hand.

The speed and quality with which you can art is inversely proportionate to the amount of clothing you are wearing.

If you don’t believe me… try it.

The unfortunate side effect of telling you all this is now when you imagine me all you see is Julianne Moore in the ‘Big Lebowski’.

I have been replaying Bioshock.  I forgot how near perfect it is…  If only the character models didn’t deform so bizarre…


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