I might willingly skip V. Bros. tonight. 

I know. 

I’m ashamed.

And also really tired.

I went through my old texture stash and found a bunch of textures that I could make work for a sort of abandoned factory texture sheet.  It’s really slap dash and there’s a bunch of stuff on there that you aren’t seeing. 

allen white mouse game environment

This kind of thing will be pretty typical for how we tackle stuff in Unity, it prefers (as does every engine really) as few draw calls as possible.  A mega 4k will be the MO I just have to do some concepts to figure out where the focus needs to go.  Something as common as the concrete floor could easily take up a whole quarter of the sheet…  The fewer the draw calls the more flexible the entire operation is as well.

I did find some very groovy reference pictures bombing around the interweb the other day which has my brain beakers bubbling away (what does that even mean?). 

Never underestimate the power of more reference.

Tyler and I spent some time talking about Vogler, Campbell, Eliade and Jung.  Who we may or may not have a borderline dangerous fascination with.

Vogler gets thrown around a lot in classrooms because its Campbell-Lite.  I find it to be a drag, but its not written in Campbell-speak so the layman (drooling art student mongoloid) can actually wrap his sad limp brain around it.  (You’re not all mongoloids, settle down.  Ok, some of you might be… read earlier posts about Passion and decide if you need to be here at all.)

At the same time I find Campbell can get more than a little kooky (see ‘Power of Myth’, also, say kooky more often) and is also just watered down Jung.

Jung is my gold standard for myth smarts.  Not that its a legend that he’s smart, he’s smart about legends.  In my estimation the more you know about symbols the better an artist you are because your job is to tell stories with symbol “collages.” 

As such I occasionally find time to read ‘The Red Book’.  Which can be summarized as Jung’s proof of concept on individuation focusing on himself.  It’s absolutely terrifying in that sort of mad-scientist way.  He thinks it works so he’s gunna shoot himself up with the new drug.

I’ve read a lot of Jung and this is by far my favorite.  It may not have the instructional capacity of his later, practiced work, but ‘The Red Book’ is the source.  The logic follows the symbols but you’re presented with the borderline insanity of ALL of the images confronting Jung, not his case studies and hand-picked historical references used to reinforce a bullet point in some big dry lecture.

As an introduction it might melt your mind.  If you’re familiar with what’s going on you owe this one to yourself. 

Much like ‘The Golden Bough’ by Sir James G. Frazer I expect to finish sometime in the years shortly after I die.

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