If I could.  I’d want at least one of them to transform into something seemingly unhelpful in the grand scheme.  Like a stapler (calipers also come to mind but those actually sound very useful).  I dunno, for comedy.

Also, my hands get tired from drawing/painting/arting all the time.  I assume the robot hands would need a tune-up once in a while (after delicate work), and I wouldn’t be able to lift anything heavy for a while cause my arms might fall off (that’s what Billy tells me anyway)…  Seems worth it though.

The rat is all set up to start painting weights on!  Won’t get it done tonight though.  Kind of a bummer, I gotta get this to the animator asap.

allen white rat guard rig

Following up the Curtis book I’m going to start building a list of must-have books for student designers and some others that I think are overall pretty solid.  Once I come up with a format for that and get some time I’ll start sprinkling those in amongst my regular posts.

I consider the entire operation very hazardous.  Too many worthless posts now have so much helpful upside.

I keep looking at the Halo Mega Blocks when I’m at the store. 

I want to like them. 

Cause its Halo.  And almost Lego.


Mega Blocks is not Lego.  And the sheer terror of that heresy keeps me away.  Also the figs are clearly handpainted by starving children, which is very dissappointing next to the gorgeous and crisp Lego figs we’ve all grown up on.  Well… I grew up on them.

I really can’t imagine me in a world without Legos.

Before you’re all creeped out by a mostly (lies) adult (pictures of also lies) guy meticulously analyzing all the toy aisles at the Walmarts and Targets of the world… It’s kind of my job.  At least that’s what I tell myself.

Seriously, you can learn a lot about the world from the toy aisle though.  Look closer.


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