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New C&C Promo Art!


Post PAX12!

We survived!  The SMC panel was dynamite.  Over 200 PAXers got their MOBA worlds rocked, the Enforcer who ran sound for us said it was one of the best panels he’d ever seen, and everyone left excited to check out the game in the PC LAN Area.

The main attraction was of course designing a champ with the audience’s input.  It was what you expect, more or less an abomination, but also very fun and the result will look great in game.  We’ll be posting video of the whole shindig soon.

In the meantime here’s an ad I put together for marketing using one of the slides from the presentation before we left…

SmashMuck Champions - Moba Ad

More Accessible!

I want to talk about this at length when SMC and me drawing live on stage at PAX isn’t crushing me.  But it boils down like this:

Long version; I think this game needs to be more accessible so it should be cuter than what we first imagined.

Short version; mo’ money dis way?

Let me just post some old pics and brief notes…


The College Project:

Some friends were kicking this around as a tabletop RPG and asked for some doodles for their presentation to their class.  Pretty straight forward stuff, dark tribal was something we thought was pretty different and mutating into these different animals reflecting your skills was a neat premise.



























The DS Pitch:

Ben wanted to repackaged the concepts in the tabletop into a hack and slash DS title.  I had a mockup on a photo of a DS at one point with a character walking around some huts and the second screen had skill selection or stats or something but I can’t find it anymore.  We really liked the samurai jack look for everything and I thought the dot eyes were a nice angle on the faces.  I also started kicking around the icons and was pretty pleased with the set I had at the time, but looking back some of them were pretty ghetto, mostly the caster circle ones.  The raven here worked out well but the snake and goat were awful.
































The Flash Game:

Work was pissing a few of us off for a while and we talked at length about respinning this back up as a flash game more in line with the original tabletop project.  Division of labor was fuzzy and we were all basically trying to do more of what we’d done for 8hrs earlier in the day and nobody could make themselves turn the crank on that.  I wanted to go way dark, darker than Temple of Doom, but it was more of a backlash from doing kid stuff all day.  The team talked me down from super gorey to basically where the college project had been.  This time I doodled more of the human stage characters and did some UI I really liked as well as the rpg town and shopkeeper illustrations.  I looked a lot at sumi ink splatters and those foggy japanese ink landscapes.






















The Retro:

I started off thinking we’d go post-modern pixel art here.  Looked a lot at the Super Bros. stuff and eventually decided that wasn’t highly accessible.  It was interesting to me but the sumi ink blocks pixelated and then shaped into characters wasn’t FUN.  At the same time I was looking at Spry Fox’s Bunni game and Triple Town and compared the switch from Steambirds radar map plates and unit markers to Triple Town’s cute and funny bears to my reimagining between the college project to DS pitch switch.  The switch made sense to me but I didn’t think it went as far down that cute road as it should have…  The pixel art is just way refreshing compared to the 3d stuff I do all day so its much easier to be excited to do a few frames in the evening.  Some explorations of the pixel eyes down there at the end.

I am having TONS of fun drawing these guys and am really excited to get playable.



























Reloading enough to keep APB in the fight?

Here’s one from the Draft archive.  I started writing this in January after APB kicked off its rebirth.  I was in the mood to analyze stuff I guess because I started breaking everything down.  There are some wins and some losses in terms of the overall product.  Final vote would probably be … well just read the notes I guess, hopefully something to take away from all those words.

Also, I didn’t finish the doc but it seems hideously out of date now so I can’t bother.  But I haven’t blogged in ages so its going up as is with this tiny forward and some tiny final thoughts I wrote this morning.

This is what happens when you spend all your free time mastering Scathe in SMC instead of being a responsible internet person and updating your blog no one reads ;).



APB. The infamous APB. After its record setting tank-fest its back on the streets via the luxurious ease of Steam’s Free-to-Play lovin’s and already 3+ mil bored gamers have sidled over to see what’s going on in the city of… the city of…  What was that city called? It’s basically that city from GTA 3 I guess.

Alright, I was one of those bored gamers for 5ish hours so by the internet’s standards-of-authority I probably wrote the design doc. Well, I wish I had because it wouldn’t be what it is. It is a mess. BUT! I almost had fun. Which would lead us to believe its not far off but once we examine the situation more closely I think we’ll agree its already time APB reload… again.


The Setup:

Me:  I did not play APB’s first incarnation along with almost everyone.  Clearly if even a few of us had it would not have been the shortest lived MMO in history.  I like shooters.  I can but don’t often get sucked in to MMO’s and just wanted to see what worked and what didn’t because the premise of this game is extremely appealing.

APB:  The game opens with a pretty neat cinematic to set the scene.  Enjoy this because it is the absolute end of the storytelling.  Basically the city is overrun with criminals and the mayor is handing out deputy badges to anybody who wants one to go fight them.  “Cops” v. “Robbers”; pick your team.  Pretty straight forward.  There are also some solid intro videos to the two factions.  You won’t see anything like this again.


The Experience:

I’m just going to bullet point this stuff and save myself the effort of long-form coherent thought…

Building your Avatar:  You have the whole shooting gallery of knobs and dials to fiddle with.  Tons of hair styles, but your allegiance to either faction picks your standard issue t-shirt and sweat pants wardrobe.  I do wish you had 2-3 clothing options, even just different colored shirts in the same palette.  Overall the Designer is slick, but we’ll double back to this down the road.

Man About Town:  You remember the GTA series?  Remember how much fun it was to be the lone anarchist blazing around town running over old ladies and trying to dodge the cops long enough to get the stars you needed to shake them?  Why was that so fun?  Because you were alone.  You were the variety.  You stood out in every way and railed against the crazy system.  But that breaks down the moment 100 other lunatics are bombing around town at the same time.  It doesn’t help that the cars drive worse than they do in GTA.  BUT!  You can’t shoot criminals.  And criminals can’t shoot you.  Unless you’re on opposing missions.  I’m supposed to be a vigilante deployed to stop criminals!  But I can’t!  I can watch helplessly as citizens get mugged, cars get jacked, etc.  This is the real culprit we’ll see creep up time and again in this game.  There is n0 commitment to the immersion this game’s premise advertises.

Note:  I was a noob when I wrote this…  You can create a mission against a spotted criminal/cop performing specific actions by pressing an otherwise unused key when you aim at them while performing an action.  It immediately throws you in a mission against them.  If they were running a smash and grab your job is to return the stolen loot to a drop point.  You get cash for kills and item during this.  They’re slightly more unique missions and either side can call for backup to turn the event into a big fight but the early one on one can be very lopsided if you’re higher level or the target isn’t paying any attention to their surroundings.

I didn’t try throwing a grenade and then activating the mission but I assume that would work to totally catch your opponent with their pants down.  Overall though if you need a break from the usual stuff these can be nice little 1 on 1 refreshers but you’ll spend a lot more time waiting than you would if you queued regularly.

Quests:  The quest system in place gets you in the action quick and keeps you there.  Its very fluid and forces you to run all over town on zany errands.  The auto-group will give you a balanced group of teammates to help or completely shaft you on your mission.

Now, what exactly you’re doing on a quest you will probably never know.  This is a huge source of the immersion collapse.   Quests come from “Contacts”.  There are 2-3 of these per zone, but you only ever see them if you need to buy gear, more on them later.  It doesn’t really matter who they are though, you get your missions by cell-phone and the only story explanation is in a tiny tooltip top right of your screen.  However, you don’t need to read this; you’ll get a bright orange waypoint on your HUD to run to.  Any action you need to perform is handled by pressing the generic “Use” key and then watching the progress bar tick by.  When its done, jack a car and speed across town to the next waypoint.  But there’s a wrinkle…

APB Alerts:  This is the meat-n-taters of the game.  After a couple tutorial missions your auto-group may change a few times (again, doesn’t matter much)  you’ll be sent on similar waypoint, use-key, progress bar missions but with an opposing force deployed to prevent you.  This force is an auto-grouped force from the other faction who based on level and threat (threat is a calculation of your performance during missions that can rise and fall as you play) matches up against your auto-group fairly well.

Now how easy/difficult this actually is depends on how many people on both teams care…  Early on my group was horrible.  The one premium player on our team would Rambo in on his own, die a few times, get frustrated and bail.  Which left me, level 5, staring down level 60+ twinked out goons.  Needless to say I didn’t win much…

Later on I got grouped with two other guys who were higher level, had rented better guns and cars, and were excellent at working together.  We’d stick together, use the best car we owned, the best driver drove unless we were in a pinch, and the other two players would gun out the windows from opposite sides to have the best range of fire.  We were glorious and won almost every mission we ran together.

Why people don’t care to run a mission is a problem though.  You’re basically forced to auto-group.  I haven’t figured out how to turn it off.  For obvious reason the game needs you in a group though.  There are no solo missions that I’ve seen and letting people frolick willy-nilly just divides the player base and makes it harder to keep the match-maker balancing opposing teams to square off.  But, if you want to shop at a contact you’re basically walking away from your team, you’re upsetting the matchmaking balance, you’re not earning cash for mission performance, and you’re losing “honor” and “threat” for failing missions.  If you need to check your email at a mail kiosk (more on the stupid kiosk thing later) you’re in the same boat.

Once during a mission I ran out of ammo.  Your ammo is stashed in an invisible “locker.”  I don’t know how to check my locker’s inventory.  I have been playing for 5+ hrs…  Educate the player?  Nah.  In between missions the game refills the ammo you can carry from the locker.  If you’re efficient the ammo lasts forever but if you threw a lot of rounds you’ll deplete the stash more quickly.  The only way to get ammo in your locker is to find the right vending machine that serves your faction.  They’re scattered around town, but aren’t marked on your map or HUD by default.  So, good luck finding one.  I only scored vehicle kills that round because the standard issue side-arm is garbage.  I can’t ever see replacing the base machine gun, its fine.  But the snub-nose revolver is horrendous and there was basically nothing I could do to get out of the hole I was in until I chanced upon an ammo vendor when I respawned one time.

Gunplay:  The gunplay feels kind of dated.  I’d label it suspect at best.  It’s probably most reminiscent of Counter Strike; if you get the  drop you’ll probably win so there is a big emphasis on flanking and getting good position.  Now your enemies respawn nearby so you do need to keep moving from ambush to ambush when you’re on defense.  If you try to camp you’ll get grenaded.  Now its not so bad I gave up, but you die from very few shots so sometimes you feel like you’re at the mercy of an unlucky spray of bullets which can be frustrating.  The game is basically a nonstop shooter.  There are no MMO skill powers.  There is no skill tree.  You know, systems that could have made this very unique and fun…  As such I’d expect more.  There are a few slot upgrades for characters but they’re minor stat boosts (tiny damage soaks, reload speed, etc).

Weapon Rental:  Almost every weapon is a 10 day rental unless you shell out real world currency (to the tune of $30 per gun, yikes, but at that point you own them forever).  And every couple hours, especially with better gear, you could have remade the cash to keep rebuying your weapon of choice.  Requiring you to continually pay for gear is a good way to keep somebody from getting to an end game where they have the best gear and can come back at any time to house the competition.  They’ll need to play somewhat regularly to be able to pay the bills.  Unlocking new gear (and you unlock stuff CONSTANTLY) feels completely arbitrary.  You don’t know what you unlocked, the shops are hard to navigate and there’s no way to get a feel for what a weapon does but to shell out huge sums of cash for it.  When you can only carry two weapons its discouraging.  Needless to say I’ve only ever spent cash on ammo and clothes so far despite my hatred of the snub nose.  I am curious if your upgrades stay in your locker even if your rental expires.

The Designer:  This was the main selling feature of APB when Realtime Worlds was up for sale after the projects initial demise.  Its lush to say the least.  And you unlock new symbols and logos to use in it constantly, which is pretty fun, and almost assures if you take the time nobody will look like you do.  Early on I started unlocking new symbols for the Designer when I was leveling up.  But I couldn’t figure out how to open it.  Nothing obvious in the menu, controls, options, etc.  To the WIKI!  Because by this point I was tired of trying to figure some things out.  Guess what?  It has its own kiosk hell dimension…

Kiosk Menus:  Every MMO needs a few good menus.  But APB commits the sin of thinking the player’s immersion would be shattered if the player simply pressed a key, opened a menu, and changed something.  Instead they’ve opted to create a peaceful zone chock full of all the customization kiosks; “a place for fun,” and “creativity”…  What.  Gang violence =/= fun and creativity.  I just don’t get it.  I guess you could make the arguement that one zone of players humping kiosks is better than pockets of same scattered across the world.  It may work better with the awful grouping problems I mentioned experiencing earlier.  I cannot fathom why this simply isn’t handled straight from the main menu.  I spent a good bit of time in here trying to figure out which kiosks let me customize what gear and there is n0 socialization in this area.  Everyone silently stares at their kiosk menus.  It simply is not succesful and at times borders on tedious and frustrating…

For example; I found there is an auction house that would let me buy and wear clothing I hadn’t yet unlocked.  Cool, I was sick of the newbie t-shirt and wanted something classier than the couple things I had actually unlocked.  Good news!  There’s a kiosk for that.  Buy a sport coat, check.  Wait, I have to check my mail to get it in my locker?  Ok.  Run to Mail Kiosk.  Open email, “You win, blah blah blah.”  Yay.  Run to Designer Kiosk to change my clothes (Just for super clarity, seperate kiosks, all of these).  Wait, no sport coat.  Run back to Mail.  OH  I have to actually click on the item like its an attachment to put it in my locker.  WHY?!  Whatever.  Click.  Run back to Designer.  Equip clothes.  Save.

It’s worth noting you can’t edit items you haven’t unlocked which is a decent solutions for keeping the auction house from totally destroying the progression.

Temp Threat Calculation:  You lose prestige overtime if you do nothing.  This includes being logged out.  This is a pretty good setup.  Even if you’re great at the game, losing a ton of prestige won’t hurt if you rattle off a bunch of wins when you log back in and the matchmaking is fast and relatively fluid so you should have some funish rounds regardless.


There are more points I wanted to cover in this initally and refine but clearly its languished in draft form forever and I haven’t played this game in ages.  I did eventually unlock a cool truck and then I quit (15ish hours I think).  While a lot of systems functioned well enough to pretty good nothing ‘feels’ very satisfying in here.  Looking back a lot of my gripes were about immersion and having been working on SmashMuck, a very gamey and sports-genre-like product, that’s interesting.

Cops vs Robbers is a really cool premise.  You could set it anywhere and it would hold up but I’m not sure it could ever feel truely immersive unless you went largely the Ultima Online/EVE player driven economy road.  I can imagine building a system to handle it, but it would be way dense and transparency would be an issue.

Keep it ‘K’ute…

Or why COOL and KID-FRIENDLY aren’t always easy to bring together…

I want to look at something that plagues me every day at my job.  Its the crux of every design problem we tackle and is almost always the difference between what we produce being lame or fun.  The question is;  How do we make cute kid-friendly stuff without sacrificing on radical zazz?!

Background (read this to the party before the adventure begins):  I work at a video games company, Kiz Studios.  We make games for kids roughly ages 8-14.  That’s a WIDE demographic when you start thinking about what kids are into at either end of that spectrum.  Considering a game like SMASHMUCK CHAMPIONS you can see how that’s especially challenging.  There has to be at least one champ to appeal to every potential user within that spread.  As fast as kids are growing and their interests are changing that’s a lot of ground to cover.


About Smashmuck:

I know I’ve been posting snippets from time to time about this thing.  We’ve been cranking stuff out at ludicrious speed for not quite 6 months and there is already plenty to show off.  And I’m responsible for posting most of the other sneak peeks on the Facebook page that you all need to go like if you want in on the Beta news that is rapidly approaching!

Here’s the totally-officious description:

SmashMuck Champions is a free-to-play arena combat game that combines intense action, player skill and strategy. Players build their own SmashMuck teams, training and customizing some of the toughest muck monsters, robots and creatures on Planet Muck. Then they send their Champions into battle, joining up to ten players in one of four action-packed game types. Combat is fast-paced and easy to learn, with tons of unique skills, weapons and attacks that you can master on your way to becoming the next SmashMuck Champion.

If you want to comment on the video or subscribe to the Smashmuck Champions channel I encourage you to jump over to YouTube and do so!


Back on topic!

There are a few basic Kid-friendly tenants we have to abide by when makin’ the arts:

  • No Guts, No Gore: Pretty straight forward. 
  • No Blood:  E for Everyone actually permits animated blood, but we didn’t want to go this far down the violence rabbit hole.
  • No Scary:  This one gets tricky, but there is a line; lookin’ at you fleshy-robot-doom monster.
  • No Adults: Its a world of only kids and monsters and fun stuff.
  • Cartoon Violence Only:  You clobber somebody with a mallet stars WILL swirl around their head. 

When I got really involved and stopped pushing the envelope and tryed to just unwrap it and build a paper airplane to fly away on (I was trying to put a pipe-smoking monkey that talked like Harvey Firestein in the world out of boredom) we settled on a few more guidelines:

  • MORE ZAZZ:  My basic rule for art, period.  (apparently comma, then period.)  No kids in blue jeans please, give her a jetpack, etc.
  • No Guns:  I broke this rule eventually (but only because another rule let me), but all of my original weapons designs were hodge-podged appliances and goofy stuff.  Fun, cool, deadly enough to take down the monster and robots you’d encounter; which brings us to
  • No Kid v Kid Violence:  Obviously something to avoid.
  • Monster and Robots have no Souls:  Even the ones with personalities; so take out that aggression kid.  Here’s a baseball bat.  This is when I gave Blitz a gun, because he could shoot monsters and robots with it.

The bullet points make sense, and most every wrinkle can be ironed out if you extrapolate them.  But what does it mean for Smashmuck?  These won’t outright solve the problem.  There is a difference between cute pokemon that nobody likes and AWESOME pokemon that still manage to be cute, amiright?

Well if you’re familiar with the Muck Critters from Planet Muck previously they’d only been seen as mischief makers and the lowliest footsoldiers of our sinister villain.  They’re certainly cute and have all the cartoon ‘gumby’ properties (being made of sticky mud) you want to let them do just about anything; but, they’re completely devoid of individuality.  That’s just not interesting enough in a MOBA setting like Smashmuck.  There is also the ESSENTIAL need to make every Champ cool enough a user will want to play with them, their unique skills, powers and playstyle.  A good self check is, “Would this make a sweet action figure?”

So put one on top of a slobbering death-muck-chicken and give him a minigun.  Solved?

 Smashmuck Champions Promo Art - Blitz





















Off the top of my head Blitz has the only traditional gun in the universe.  I really wanted to avoid pointing something and pulling a trigger; so everything prior has been a crank or a switch or a toaster…  You get the idea.  Its just a horribly violent connotation.  But, the perspective of the Smashmuck camera (yes, the position of the camera makes a huge difference… think about it, you aren’t really aiming anymore when you’re looking down from above) and the fact he is a monster battling other monsters and robots in a crazy American Gladiators sport makes this ok.

There are some pretty intimidating Champs lurking in the background in this one.  And I find that is really the sweet spot for “scary” stuff.  If the lights were all on, we’d laugh at these guys.  But under or backlight them, let them loom up out of the shadows and they should be rather intimidating.   Scuttlemuck is a pretty good example of this.  Up close his snarling shark face could be pretty spooky but from a distance the pear-shaped body reads as pretty nonthreatening.  The most monstrous champs tend to get the least threatening body shapes.  Here’s another example:

Smashmuck Champions Promo Art - Brutus and Scathe 










Scathe, the Muck Dragon, sticks to the script.  I also went without arms, it gives him a sort of helplessness that he can’t pick stuff up easily.  Keeping him looking a bit like an old man is also sort of disarming (puns?!) or extra creepy depending on how you feel about old people.  Use your ‘magination and picture a Skyrim dragon (timely!)  and then Pete’s Dragon (disney!).  Scathe is definitely in between the two on the Rock N’ Roll <-> Dangerously Tame scale.  I think that’s essential for the longevity of the character’s appeal as a player moves through the agerange of the demo.

Brutus, the gladiator, is the most classic looking warrior character.  V-shaped torso, helmet that mostly covers his face for that edgy cool, tall boots…  But the sword isn’t sharp.  Its just a square stick of metal.  I figure nobody has the balls to tell him he’s doing it wrong (pre-pubesence jokes?), and he really makes up for it with enthusiasum regardless. Brutus also just skirts the bottom line of having enough “stuff” to be interesting. To keep that cartoony vibe you have to exercise a lot of restraint and not overwhelm a character. Gears of War armor would not fly, it wouldn’t matter if Micky Mouse was underneath all that.  The Rumblebots we see getting served here focus on the sporty undercurrent of the carnage.

I don’t know a better way to discuss this than with some light analysis/commentary on a couple of these illustrations and concepts but its one of the trickiest design issues I’ve run into.  Its a fine line with lots of pitfalls, but where exactly that line is really boils down to the world/universe you’re working in and what rules apply there, the same as with ANY concept you may be tackling.  There are days I absolutely miss drawings guns, dinosaurs, cowboys, sorcereress chicks, etc. and balancing a successful and zazzed up concept with kid-friendly boundaries takes some getting used to.  A point for point or step by step guide would be a small tome of information.  I do get asked for that sort of thing, along with “how can I learn how to draw good” a lot.  A LOT. 

I hope you all enjoyed a little peek behind the Smashmuck curtain. Stay tuned for more insights and cool stuff. Keep Smashing!



Tons of value…


WHOA! I am so pumped about these Destroyer characters! Doodled them up over a couple days at the office and am lucky enough to get to show them off almost immediately.

I won’t bother reposting the official description of the gametype here, its on the SMASHMUCK CHAMPIONS - COLOSSUS BREAKDOWN

To start I just sketch out the character as quickly as possible. I work light and then increase the pressure I apply to the pen as I tighten everything up. You can also see I lightly shaded in some darks to clarify the forms and round the figure. This is also the stage I’ll lasso off different segments of the character and play with the proportions. Originally the head was about twice the size it is here and the arms were very stubby. You can imagine what a difference that would make…

Some artists would go for a super super clean mechanical pen kind of finish at this stage before proceeding to flats (just flat color basecoat). I’m way too messy for that, I’ve never enjoyed that process. The mechanical illustration step is very time consuming and doesn’t really give anyone any information they didn’t already have… at least in my opinion .

Next I lay in a quick hard edge base basecoat at 100% opacity. Sometimes I’ll grab this and make it a mask for the next layer(s). The stone color is very warm here, but I know the character will be in a warm environment (ergo the brown background as well). Never ever concept on a white background if you’re going to do colors. The whole piece will end up washed out and considerably less valuable to the texture artists down the pipe who would just as soon color pick from it.

After that I have a layer or two set to Overlay mode that block in my colors. Often I just do this on the same layer as the rest of the basecoat at 100% opacity. But I was feeling super picky about the blues so I wanted to be able to easily tweak the temperature on these elements.

Last basecoat layer here, where I just sketch in some basic highlights on the stone.

Finally I fire up the “Over Paint” layer which is almost always the top layer in a painting unless there is some glow. Here I just paint over EVERYTHING else I’ve done up to this point cleaning up with the paintbrush instead of the eraser. This is a huge time saver. I never flip the tablet pen, it takes too long. Its much faster to eyerop the background and just paint along the edge to remove stray pencil lines.

If there is any glow like in the pic with both characters I’ll add another layer set to Color Dodge mode. Pick a big soft brush (with some texture to taste) and throw the opacity way down to like 15% and just dust it in.

The end!

For simple concepts I usually only have about 3 layers. Sketch, UP (under paint), and OP (overpaint). If I need multiples in any place it’ll look something like: Sketch, Sketch2, UP1, UP2, OP1, OP2, OP3, OPglow. That kind of thing. I find it much easier to navigate, I don’t waste time trying to be super organized because the layer count is so low.

Feel free to ask questions if you have em, I’d be happy to answer!


No lockouts here…

Get pumped.  The zaniest sports game you’ve ever played is on the horizon.

Hands down this is the wackiest, extremist, brawliest, funziest project we’ve ever concocted in our sinister laboratories!

Check it out:


If you can get behind wacky gladiatorial combat in a fast paced, free to play competitive environment, this game is for you!  That’s right, FREE TO PLAY.  You get all this madness for free.  You can just roll in it!  For free!  What, you ask, do you get?







These are just a few of the pile of exciting characters you’ll be able to recruit to your own SMASHMUCK team!  I’ll be posting some of the new arenas you’ll be fighting over in the near future.  In the meantime head over to and Like what you see to stay up to date on the news and new concept and screenshot postings.  There are pics there you can’t get anywhere else!

Also, there will be beta keys there soon.  Shhhhhhhh, secret.  Tell only the people you really care about.




Tickles my Nostalgia…

Super Hero Squad Online:

Check it out!  Neat Unity3d in browser MMO.  I do love me some X-Men, its like all of my childhood in one honeyed internet extravaganza.  Kid/Family friendly too, so it is extra-relevant to my interests.

Anyway, they just added a CCG in game.  This is the feedback I sent them:

The new card game system adds an interesting new dimension to SHS.  However, random damage and ‘lucky blocks’ really sap all the strategy out of the game and seemingly reduce it to dice the player cannot influence. 
It is not fun. 
I understand the intent is likely to reduce the disparity inherit in a strategy game based on player skill and the depth of each player’s card pool.  You are potentially dealing with a wide age range and that does require consideration.  There are already several cards in the game that boost damage based on other cards in the players deck, hand, or result of coin flips.  These cards add entropy to the game in way where the player can weigh the risk/reward of playing such a card.  They add a nice degree of tension, as opposed to wondering if you’ll simply get screwed everytime you lay a card down.
It is extremely frustrating to whittle down Dr. Octopus after a long game, deplete his hand and then throw the killing blow against a defenseless opponent only to have him ‘lucky block.’  Despite all my efforts as a player to win against a stacked opponent (greater deck size, starting ‘keepers’) my victory is snatched from me by sinister machinations I can’t see or impact. 
The ‘lucky block’ system really seems to overlook the fact that the game is already random based on the pre-game deck shuffle.  I certainly feel like I have lost games because I just couldn’t catch the cards I needed but that is to be expected in a CCG, and it is not something you expect to happen often so you are never too dissappointed.
I can imagine some game wide mutators could be added to keep changing the game if a high degree of entropy is really a design goal.  Mutators could alter power levels, change suits (blues count as purples), all Fantastic Four cards get a buff, etc.  There are a lot of options here.  If both players contribute a certain number of mutator cards to a neutral deck you’d still have a little control over your destiny but remain at the mercy of an additional neutral shuffle. 
This adds a whole layer of education and management the player has to wrangle but its not much denser than say bakugan and that’s right in this demo’s wheelhouse.  Alternatively they could just be location/arena/opponent based (or always the same for simplicity) and change anytime two tails appear in subsequent start-of-turn coin flips, something that keys off existing events.
I appreciate the time and wish you all continued success with the project.  Thanks.


The long dark journey into unpost…

I got married. 

It took a while.

I didn’t post.

I was busy.

I have horded art for a gargantuan post-a-thon though.

On the honeymoon I had a little time to flesh out the IP for a game I’ve been kicking around in my brain for a while.  For now I’m calling it ‘Hard Hats’ because the player is a construction worker of sorts.

Hard Hats Character #2 allen white

Hard Hats Character #2


He’s a vast improvement over the first efforts which were a lot more naturalistic…

Hard Hats Character #1 allen white

Hard Hats Character #1


I’ll model this guy today.  Or at least start, probably won’t get done as I’m not particularly fast. 

Also chipping away at this guy when I can:

allen white concept art

This is 50% res.  The painting is huge, I expect to spend a long long time working on it, but its totally worth it.  Really I have nothing in my folio that took longer than 24 man hours (I think the Witch is right around that).  Typically I’m too impatient to spend more time on something so we’ll see how this goes.

More as it develops…

More of a crucible, really…

Birds.  I’m drawing some.

allen white bird meeting doodles

First up we have what happens when I’m on a long conference call with nothing to say.  Ballpoint, in my moleskin.  I dig the moleskins for their size and paper quality.  I destroy them, I go through 4-5 a year just at the office.

I like the idea of scarification/carving of the beaks in a bird society.  I’d imagine dyes and paints would also be popular, a lot of clothing just wouldn’t make sense if they were still flight focused.

Yes that is a man who’s eyes have exploded out of his head…  I guess you’re not wondering how I felt about the whole affair.

Also… I tried to record a bit of doodling video last night, realized I didn’t have Camtasia installed.  I did pick up the new trial but had this done in the five minutes it took to download, which is pretty much all the line work I’d do and figured the opportunity had passed and I’d have to try again on the next pic.

allen white sparrow

I’m debating how to give them “hands.”  Will probably sketch some studies.

As an artist two things are important to continuing to be an artist. 

1.  Do not stop art-ing.

2.  Art harder.

Harder will mean different things for different art.  For me it usually boils down to “faster.”  Sometimes bigger and faster because that usually lumps into the “Give it more zazz!” mentality.  It is important to be able to self-motivate through gauntlets like these, whether they be of your own creation or just homework.  The sooner you know how to flip your own switch the easier pretty much all of life will be.

Anyway, I volunteered for a small art suicide mission.  There simply isn’t time for this project so of course I made it as elaborate as possible.

For some of you these seem echoes of some distant almost forgotten nightmare:

allen white mystery

As part of this operation I bought a new hot knife… Well, actually I bought two. 

I picked up that piddly wire “Wonder Cutter” doo-hicky from Michaels (everyone’s favorite arts and crafts shop).  I did so hoping it would be cheap and passable enough to get the science done.  Wonder Cutter is a misnomer, it’s pretty much a wonder it will cut anything.  You can pretty much barehand the “hot” wire and only experience discomfort, not regret.



I bought this little rock star:

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The manual says it’ll do 840 degrees F.  Which is pretty much so hot the foam parents tell horror stories to their foam children to keep them in line.  It’s also so rad I want to open everything with it, *eyes sweet-tart wrapper*

Is this dangerous?  Yes.

Is this awesome?  Yes.

Does it demand louder music? Yes.

And it cuts the HELL out of the foam.

To be completely honest a hot knife is not the end-all-be-all of foamy destruction.  A rasp file with a good handle is still my primary carving option.  I only recommend a hot knife for specific applications and an experienced hand.

The speed and quality with which you can art is inversely proportionate to the amount of clothing you are wearing.

If you don’t believe me… try it.

The unfortunate side effect of telling you all this is now when you imagine me all you see is Julianne Moore in the ‘Big Lebowski’.

I have been replaying Bioshock.  I forgot how near perfect it is…  If only the character models didn’t deform so bizarre…


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